Aerial Photography Tips & Techniques

Taking pictures from high altitude


 “I’ve been living here for twenty years and was amazed at how much more clearly I understood the area after seeing your aerial photographs.”

“I have fished that spot since my father was alive, and had no idea it looked so beautiful from the air.”

These comments and variations of them were frequently heard by a photographer following the publication of a calendar showing his aerial views of a seaside community. They are evidence that aerial photography provides us with a completely different perspective regarding familiar places and buildings (even our own homes) that we think we know well. It also allows us to view locales that are otherwise difficult if not impossible to get to.

There is a feeling of excitement about aerial photographs that seems to affect almost everyone. Just about every photographer is tempted to take to the skies to capture images from above. It’s exhilirating, especially your first time. And very rewarding when your pictures turn out as you hope. But, there is much to know before you hop into a plane with your camera. When your turn comes, the tips and hints in this section will help you to be ready for it.

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