Humor in photography

People are always doing funny things, often where you least expect them. Being ready to capture them on film means you won’t have your friends looking skeptically at you when you describe the scene. A picture can tell the story for you.

You may set up your own funny situation and take a picture of it. It can provide a lot of laughs when you do so, and even more laughter afterwards when everyone looks at the pictures.

This section of features a selection of images from both areas – “found” humorous pictures and staged pictures that were set up to be funny.

We hope you enjoy them, and they inspire you to either become creative in making your own fun pictures, or to keep your eyes peeled for humorous situations around you.


We invite you to share your funny pictures with our viewers, whether they are scenes you caught as something humorous was occurring or something you created to be funny. If it makes you smile or break out in laughter, send it in.

If it’s your image and we put it up on the site, we’ll be sure to credit you with taking it. If it needs a few words of description in order to better understand it, please include them.

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