Wacky tips that work

Sometimes you get a wild idea and wonder if it will work. When you try it and find out that indeed it does, or that it works in a way you hadn’t expected, you get a big kick out of it, and want to tell everyone else about your discovery.

That’s the way we feel about the tips and tricks in this section.

There are some strange and unusual ways of approaching photography and its many uses. We show you some of them here. Not all of the ideas are impractical, either. Just check out our wacky tip for selling your car for more money. Maybe we should have called this one an “unwacky tip,” because it can actually make you money with the help of your camera.

You will undoubtedly want to try some of these wacky tips yourself, and we say go ahead. You’ll have fun. We’d like to hear from you by email after you’ve tried them, and show us the results if you can.


You may even have been lucky enough to have invented or discovered a wacky idea of your own (even one that didn’t work) that you would like to share with us. We invite you to email a description to us, with a picture to illustrate it, if possible.

If we like it, and we probably will because everyone likes wacky stuff, we’ll put it up here for all to see and enjoy, and to try for themselves.

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